About Us

Bowlswear Direct was the brainchild of owner and managing director Ronnie Newman. After many successful years in the manufacturing world of fashion, Ronnie felt a new challenge was needed in his working life and by chance, after speaking to family friend Peter Hankin, he decided that this was the challenge he was looking for.

Bowlswear Direct
Wey Valley Indoor Bowling Club
Lido Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1HB

Tel: Chris Young on 01483 536337

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm

Saturday 10am - 2:30pm

Sunday closed

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I wrote an article last time, as I joined the company ending with the footnote, "what next for Bowlswear Direct?"

Now 20 years from the birth of Bowlswear Direct and nearly nine years since I came on board, the predictions I made then have come to fruition.

As well as the 3,500 square feet shop in Carshalton, Surrey, with the 45ft fitted short mat for you to try your bowls before purchasing. There are still the two clubs shops, twenty club franchises and STILL the facility to visit five clubs on any given day the story goes on. We are always to be found at all major finals, such as Leamington Spa and Worthing.

We now visit over five hundred clubs per year. We have also become one of the leading lights and designers in the forever-growing world of coloured bowling shirts. In the past five years we have designed and made coloured shirts and trousers for the World Bowls Tour (as seen on television). We also make for International Teams, County Associations and also many bowling clubs.

I said that we had become a leading supplier to bowlers all over "Britain"; well through Ron's success as a businessman we can now re-write this. We are now supplying The Republic of Ireland, The Channel Isles, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and even America, Canada, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

We have still got County standard bowlers and Coaches for you to call upon for advice, especially when you make the most important purchase of all (your new bowls). As for the mobile shop for your club visit, we now have one of the top bowlers in England Chris Young, often seen in televised events available to come along and give advice as well as selling our products; "don't forget, if we visit your club, they get commission and you save on postage". The other advantage of the visit is seeing and trying the goods in the flesh.

Written by Norman Routledge just before his untimely passing and truly missed by us all at Bowlswear Direct