Drakes Pride Pro50 – Size 3H – Yellow/Orange – Channel Grip – New 33 Stamp – (Code DP40)




The new Drakes Pride PRO 50 Bowls are identical in profile and performance to the incredibly popular Professional model, the only difference is in the grip.

Known as the ‘Channel Grip’ this grip is unlike any other currently offered. This grip quite literally creates two deep channels in the bowl which have been found to help many players improve control over their bowl during delivery and in many cases have even enabled players to comfortably deliver a larger size bowl than they usually could.

With identical performance to the Professional model, which has been the most popular model for many years, the PRO-50 is an exceptionally well balanced bowl, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Whilst the Professional model will continue to be  a popular choice, this additional PRO-50 version gives more options to players looking to benefit from such handling characteristics.